Rector's Musings

Occasional musings of the Rector. 

Change in Sunday service times

I have gradually come to realise that the Sunday service times we have among our four parishes do not work as well as perhaps they did at one time. Adare, being at 12.00, is too late for having a Sunday school, and people are often rushing home for Sunday dinner. The optimum time for church seems to be at 10.00 or 10.30, but even these times can be difficult for some.

I have been talking with the Lay Readers and with each of the Select Vestries about making some changes to the usual schedule. Beginning in November, we will make some changes…

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Second Fridays

On the second Friday of each month, we will hold some special event, generally a social outing or a special worship service. These events are for the entire Group of parishes. It is a way to get together and also a way to have occasional worship services at times other than Sunday mornings. 

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Diocesan Review available

For the past six months or so, two experienced priests have been conducting a review of our United Dioceses, at the request of Bishop Kenneth Kearon and the Diocesan Council. Their report is now available. 

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Thursday Prayer service

We are launching a new service this week, on Thursday, 14 July, at 10.00am in Adare. It will be a service of prayers for healing and for traveling. 

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New Year's Eve service

In recent weeks, I have heard a number of people that they cannot wait for 2014 to be over. It has been a hard year for them. It has made me decide to offer a New Year’s Eve service, as a way to set aside the old year and look ahead to the new. I

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Sunday morning setup

One of the differences I have found between the Church of Ireland and what I experienced in the States is who is responsible for setting up the church for a service. 

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Fifth Sundays: The New Practice

Here is what I am going to try out: On the 5th Sundays, each church will have Morning Prayer... In the evening, we will have some kind of special service. It might be in one of the churches; it might be in the Rectory. It might include an activity and/or refreshments. It will be a way for us all to get together, in a different way than we do on Sunday mornings. 

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