Rector's Musings

Occasional musings of the Rector. 


I have finally found a way to determine where people in the parishes live: Eircodes. We received ours in the post recently, as I’m sure you did too. I had heard that there is an Eircode for every single dwelling. When I was asked to look up the Eircode for each of the churches, for the diocesan website, I discovered that this is indeed the case.  

Addresses here are different than in the States. People there are amazed by the simplicity of our postal address: The Rectory, Adare, County Limerick. No house number, no street name, no postal code. I explain that most addresses are as simple, at least in this part of the country. 

The problem for me arises when I want to go visit people in the parish. I generally have to be taken to someone’s house, or get detailed directions, because I cannot just look up the address on a map and find the exact house. I have twice gone knocking on the wrong door. 

But now, if I know what your Eircode is, I can find your house. I’m not sure of any way to collect your Eircode other than to have you tell me what it is, by email, by phone, or at church. I am glad to take it in any way you wish to give it.