Rector's Musings

Occasional musings of the Rector. 

Second Fridays

On the second Friday of each month, we will hold some special event, generally a social outing or a special worship service. These events are for the entire Group of parishes. It is a way to get together and also a way to have occasional worship services at times other than Sunday mornings. 

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New Year's Eve service

In recent weeks, I have heard a number of people that they cannot wait for 2014 to be over. It has been a hard year for them. It has made me decide to offer a New Year’s Eve service, as a way to set aside the old year and look ahead to the new. I

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Fifth Sundays: The New Practice

Here is what I am going to try out: On the 5th Sundays, each church will have Morning Prayer... In the evening, we will have some kind of special service. It might be in one of the churches; it might be in the Rectory. It might include an activity and/or refreshments. It will be a way for us all to get together, in a different way than we do on Sunday mornings. 

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