Rector's Musings

Occasional musings of the Rector. 

Easter Vestry Report

Thank you to all who came to the two Easter Vestry meetings held this past week, one for Adare, Croom, and Kilpeacon, and the other for Kilmallock. And congratulations and thanks to all who were elected to the Select Vestries. I appreciate your willingness to serve our parishes. 

The following people were elected to the Select Vestries: 

Adare/Croom/Kilpeacon Vestry


  • Kieron Brislane, Rector’s Churchwarden
  • John Bradley, People’s Churchwarden
  • Members (6):
    • Victor Alfred
    • Janet Bray
    • James Clarke
    • Toni Dwyer
    • Olivia Gardiner
    • Alan Mitchell


  • Nuala Gardiner, Rector’s Churchwarden
  • Helen Davis, People’s Churchwarden
  • Members (2):
    • Robert Davis
    • Robert Walker


  • Bobby Bingham, Rector’s Churchwarden
  • Richard Blennerhassett, People’s Churchwarden
  • Members (4): 
    • Dorothy Brislane
    • Sylvia Cooke
    • Tom Peirce
    • Burton Smith


  • Kevin deBurca Murphy, Rector’s Glebewarden
  • Norman Wheeler, People’s Glebewarden

Kilmallock Vestry

  • Phoebe Barrett, Rector’s Churchwarden
  • Jessie Griffin, People’s Churchwarden
  • Members: 
    • Chris Adams
    • Margaret Cahill
    • Marie Cahill
    • Emily Hales
    • Henry Hales
    • Simon Johnson
    • Tabitha Lillingston
    • Stanley Wallace


  • Luke Lillingston, Rector’s Glebewarden
  • John Steepe, People’s Glebewarden