Rector's Musings

Occasional musings of the Rector. 

Animal Blessing thank yous

Thank you to all who came to the Rectory last Sunday evening for the Blessing of the Animals service The service was to celebrate Rogation Days (the days on which we ask God to bless our crops, our land, our animals, and our work). We had about 34 human beings of a variety of ages, 2 cats, and 10 or 12 dogs. We had readings and prayers, and each animal present received an individual blessing. 

We give thanks to a number of people:

  • Dorothy Brislane, Kevin deBurca Murphy, and John Scanlon, for helping to plan and lead the service. 
  • Liam O’Kelly for loaning his sound system, without which it would have been very hard to hear!
  • Griselda Williams for leading everyone in singing. 
  • Kevin deBurca Murphy, Louise Smith, and Denise Richardson for looking after teas and refreshments, including the washing up. 
  • Eve Gardiner for keeping an eye on the children as they played. 
  • And of course the children and the animals. 

And thanks to the Lord our God for giving us such beautiful weather on the evening!